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Pre-Clinical Studies

The Preclinical Studies (Year I and Year II) for DOCTOR OF DENTAL SURGERY (DDS) are conducted at Saujana Putra Campus, MAHSA University.

Clinical Training

Clinical Training (Year III, Year IV, Year V) for DOCTOR OF DENTAL SURGERY (DDS) are conducted at Penang International Dental College, Butterworth Campus, Penang.




Penang International Dental College (PIDC) is a Malaysian 4 star rated Private Dental College which offers a five-year DOCTOR OF DENTAL SURGERY (DDS) training program approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Students will pursue their first two years of clinical studies at Saujana Putra Campus, MAHSA University, and final three years of clinical training at Penang International Dental College, Butterworth Campus, Penang.

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  • To me, PIDC is the platform I needed to kickstart a lifelong journey in the profession. It also inspired me to carry onto Orthodontics specialty, thanks to the 5 years of academic and clinical exposure. I also gained key traits of what makes a dentist competent- perseverance, dedication and evidence based. The skills and confidence I have honed from supervisors during the 3 clinical years were essential before facing the workforce. PIDC provides a well- rounded programme to ensure that each future dentist gets to where they eventually need to be.

    Dr. Gloria Andrew Chan
    Orthodontic Specialist
    BDS, MClinDent (Ortho), MOrthRCS (Ed), MRACDS (Ortho)
  • 3 years into the government service, nonetheless I am still proud to say I am a graduate from PIDC. Guidance given throughout dental school has been very helpful and practically applied during my clinical practice, most importantly patient compassion. An oral healthcare professional programme equivalent and competent to other graduates globally in my working sector. It is because of PIDC I am able to survive in the rural side of Sarawak.
    Dr. Yamuna Ponnudurai

  • The years spent learning in PIDC is all worth a million for me now. The lecturers, lectures, clinical hours and extracurricular activities helped mould me into a holistic dentist. The brand called PIDC has certainly added tremendous value to me and my profession. I would not have wanted to have it any other way…
    Dr Monija Nair (Batch 14)

  • PIDC provided me a good training ground to become a dentist today and the training under experienced lecturers makes me a competent dentist. Lecturers are very supportive and helpful.

    Dr. Zhi Jin ( Batch 12)

  • Circumstances landed me in PIDC, and I have never looked back since. From the first step I took into class right up to the day I walked onto the stage to receive my scroll was a journey full of surprises, hard work and challenges and I am proud to say I made that journey with PIDC and each and every one of it's committed and dedicated staff. PIDC is all about tough love, and they prepared me well for for working life. Even after I had left the nest, the staff continued to celebrate every achievement that I was able to accomplish as a result of their years of investment in me. Given a chance, I would do it all over again!
    Dr. Shalini (Batch 11)

  • My education experience here in PIDC was filled with unique perspectives, opportunities and events. Education received were more than knowledge extracted from books.

    President of MyCorps
    Founder Of Dental Relief Malaysia,
    Co-Founder Little Happiness Project.

  • The training at PIDC has given me the required head start in my career. The exposure to the patients at PIDC's clinic has allowed me to work with confidence on the patients that I treated right from my first day of professional employment.

    Currently pursuing DClintDent Prosthodontics
    at University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

  • My 5 years BDS programme in the Penang International Dental College were among the best years in my life. During this experience, I was provided with Education that combines academic with professional development and real-life working experience.

    Currently running his own
    Dental Practice- ConfiDental at Seberang Jaya
    Pulau Pinang.


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PIDC Annual Report 2020

The year 2020 has been very challenging for conducting academic activities due to COVID which continues through 2021. Hence, it is necessary to adapt quickly and cultivate best work practices, empowering best work culture, productive, innovative and performing with high integrity in the effort to bear responsibilities entrusted...
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New Normal Guidelines

PIDC Dental Clinic is now reopen conforming to New Normal Guidelines set by the regulatory bodies.

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COVID-19 : World Economic Forum

COVID-19 threatens to become one of the most difficult tests faced by humanity in modern history. As the pandemic has spread it has taken lives, stirred anxiety and political drama, overwhelmed health systems, and triggered potentially lasting geopolitical change. The International Monetary Fund says the global economy now faces its worst downturn since the Great Depression, and Oxfam International has warned that half a billion people could be pushed into poverty as a result of the unfolding crisis. Around the world, desperate efforts are underway to contain what has become a profoundly disruptive outbreak.